2020 Corvette C8 has a ‘Flying Car" mode

The new generation Corvette C8 has a very interesting feature. With "Flying car mode", the vehicle informs you when tires are cut off from the ground.

  • 18-03-2020 09:01

According to the Detroit Free Press report, the 2020 model Corvette C8 has a system called "flying car mode" that detects the tires being cut off from the ground.

Road holding systems generally slow down the tires, keeping the vehicle in balance. However, the system in Corvette starts to do this even when the vehicle's tires are cut off from the ground.

How is it working?

The flying car mode comes into play with Corvette's optional adaptive Magnetic Ride Control system. This system adjusts the dampers by keeping in touch with the handling systems.

The system, which cannot feel the weight of the tires when the vehicle rises, ensures that the road holding system does not slow down the tires, allowing the rear wheels to keep turning.

This system, which may sound complicated and unnecessary, but is actually of great importance for racers. Drivers who may lose their lap time due to the handling system maintain their momentum thanks to this mode.


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