A woman caught on camera when keying Tesla Model 3

A woman in Australia caught the hidden camera of the vehicle while drawing a newly purchased Tesla Model 3 car with the key.

  • 12-03-2020 11:46

A woman with a key in the city of Sydney, Australia, drew the body of the Tesla Model 3, which was parked in the car park. But there was something he forgot because this models protecting by hidden camera system. So she was keying the car, caught by hidden cameras on Tesla Model 3.

Then, the owner of Model 3 shared the images captured by the vehicle on his social media account. The video shared on social media went viral, viewed by thousands of people. Here is the video…

Footage of Tesla Model 3 keying by a vandal woman

The cameras in Tesla's electric vehicles, along with the attacks that the vehicles will be exposed to, also work in the visualization of simple accidents. So far, many attack events viewed by the cameras of Tesla vehicles have been shared on social media.

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