Android Auto and Apple CarPlay distract more than alcohol

A study has been published recently claiming that information entertainment systems powered by Apple CarPlay or Android Auto are not safe at all about safety.

  • 23-03-2020 09:38

We think technology makes our cars much safer. Many technologies make driving much more comfortable and safe. Information technology systems are at the top of these technologies.

Unfortunately, these systems carry serious risks in terms of road safety, according to a study. Research from the UK-based IAM RoadSmart has revealed that using an infotainment system powered by Apple CarPlay or Android Auto is more dangerous than driving drunk. 

Allegedly, there were significant delays in reaction times for drivers using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto while on the road. The result time is more than for people who drive drunk or write messages, using marijuana and make phone calls while driving.

IAM RoadSmart did the tests with 46 drivers and 15-minute driving trials. Drivers using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto have been determined to keep their eyes on the road for about 16 seconds.

In the tests, the drivers were asked to perform operations that can be considered quite simple. For example, playing a song from Spotify, answering the incoming message, making a phone call or going to the nearest gas station with the help of navigation.


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