Best countries for drive electric vehicles

The number of EV increasing day by day. Therefore, it has become important for countries to have suitable charging stations for these vehicles. Here the best countries for drive electric vehicles...

  • 17-03-2020 08:38

With the developing technology, it is very important to find a station that will charge their cars for those using electric. According to CarWow, Norway ise best country in Europe for drive an electric vehicle because this country has the most charging station networks in all Europe. 

How is it determined?

CarWow has determined two criterion as 'Electric Car Factor' and 'Tourism Factor' to reveal the scores of each country. The Electric Car Factor is made up of 4 factor. These factors; how many people in the country have their own electric vehicle, the number of electric vehicle charging stations, and the motorway network. Here is the list...

Best Countries for drive EV 

Norway – 10.6
Netherlands – 9.5 
Switzerland – 5.5
Belgium – 5.5
Denmark – 4.4
United Kingdom – 4.3
Croatia – 4.1
Austria – 3.9
Germany – 3.9
Slovenia – 3.8

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