BMW X5: All specs and features of 2020 SUV model

BMW's renewed SUV model, manages to attract attention with its models produced for 2020. Here the all specs of features about BMW X5…

  • 19-03-2020 08:45

BMW cares about performance in the SUV class, just like it does in other segments. The company's BMW X5 models have also been updated for 2020. The new model is has an extremely strong structure by gathering the strengths of its competitors together with its renewed iconic design.

Specs and features of 2020 BMW X5 

Exterior and Interior Design

Let’s talk about design first. On the front of the vehicle, we encounter a giant grille that makes it aggressive and powerful and LED headlights extending to the sides. Also, LED fog lights are standard in the vehicle. In the middle of these, there is a giant grill.

The BMW X5 may look aggressive and sporty from the outside, but it has an extremely stylish and luxurious design inside. The vehicle has an interior lighting system that can be adjusted from the digital display. A large area is available in the BMW X5. The vehicle has a seating capacity of 5 people, but this number can be increased to 7 by optionally placing 2 more seats.

The seats of the BMW X5 are also very comfortable and can be adjusted in eight different directions. In this way, the seats offer a lot of comfort to their users, and they also feature heating and cooling.

The new generation BMW X5 goes on sale with 4 different models called sDrive 40i, xDrive 40i, xDrive 50i and M50i.

Specs of BMW X5 sDrive 40i:

 Rear thrust,
335 horsepower double turbo six cylinder engine,
0-100: 5.2 seconds,
Maximum speed: 250 km / h.

Specs of BMW X5 xDrive 40i:

Four pulls,
335 horsepower double turbo six cylinder engine,
0-100: 5.3 seconds,
Maximum speed: 250 km / h.

Specs of BMW X5 xDrive 50i:

Four pulls,
456 horsepower dual turbo V8 engine,
0-100: 4.6 seconds,
Maximum speed: 250 km / h.

Specs of BMW X5 M50i:

Four pulls,
523 hp double turbo V8 engine,
0-100: 4.1 seconds,
Maximum Speed: 280 km / h.

Security Features

Pedestrian detection system: During the day, the pedestrian detection system in the vehicle gives an audio warning if there is a pedestrian on the road. Also reflects an image of the pedestrian on the windshield. At the night time, in addition to these features, when the vehicle detects pedestrians, it’s warning from the left or right headlight according to the location of the pedestrian.

Blind spot warning system: Changing lanes can sometimes become extremely dangerous if we are in traffic and especially at high speeds. The blind spot warning system in the BMW X5 gives an audible and visual warning if there is a car in the lane when you signal. 

Front and Cross Traffic Alerts: The cameras and sensors on the front and rear of the BMW X5 warn the driver of vehicles that are about to pass in front of or behind the car. If the vehicle is moving, the severity of this warning increases.

Parking distance control system: The parking distance control system in the BMW X5 is a warning system that shows how close you are to the surrounding objects while parking.

Collision avoidance system: The BMW X5 avoids major accidents by activating a collision avoidance system if a vehicle jumps into your lane or you do not notice a vehicle braking in front of you.

Avoidance assistant: This system continuously scans both the front of the vehicle and around the vehicle. When something comes in front of the vehicle, it provides the driver with the most convenient way to maneuver.


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