Chinese car manufacturer Geely, delivers new car keys by drone

The Chinese company Geely has started to the online sales system since February. Now, they have decided to make the key delivery of the customers who purchase vehicles by drone.

  • 24-03-2020 13:49

Life has begun to return to normal in China, where the number of new cases is gradually decreasing. But companies do not take the precaution. Geely, which previously attracted attention with its "virus-free car" project, launched a new application.

Geely launched its online sales system in February, and has since sold over 10,000 vehicles in China. The vehicles are disinfected after they are brought to the customer's door. Geely has now launched the “key delivery by drone” system. Now, customers can receive the key of their new vehicle through the drone from the door or balcony of their home.

The company officials, made a statement and said, “With his new system, we deliver the key of the customer to the door or balcony of the house using a drone. In this way, the distance between the staff and the customer is protected and we have created a real contactless process. ” 

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