Citroen Ami: Specs and features of mini electric city car

Citroen is getting ready to bring a new breath to the city's transportation with its electric vehicle, which will offer the opportunity to rent 20 euros per month. Here all specs and features about it.

  • 12-03-2020 13:23

Citroen revealed the electric city car concept called Ami One in Geneva last year. A year later, we met the mass production version of the vehicle. The name of the vehicle was launched as Citroen Ami. Citroen Ami is seen as an seious competitor for scooters, bicycles, mopeds and even public transportation with its small dimensions.

Specifications of Citroen Ami

Citroen Ami is just 2.41 meters long, 1.39 meters wide and 1.52 meters high, preparing to bring a breath of fresh air to the city. So it's even shorter and narrower than the Smart EQ ForTwo, which is a pretty small car. The weight of Citroen Ami is only 485 kilograms.

One of the biggest advantages of Citroen Ami is that it can be used without a driver's license.

The vehicle, which draws attention with its customization options, has an 8-horsepower electric engine and a 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery. Its maximum speed is limited to 45 km / h and it can travel 70 kilometers on a single charge.The battery of Citroen Ami can be charged in 3 hours with a standard socket. 

Price of Citroen Ami

Let's talk about price, which is one of the most interesting features of Citroen Ami.

It will be possible to use Ami with long-term rental and car sharing services. With the vehicle sharing service, it can be used with a monthly subscription of 0.26 euro or 9.90 euro per minute. In the long term rental option, Citroen Ami will come to the customers' door with 19.99 euro monthly payment.

Citroen Ami will be launched in France starting March 30, and in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal and Germany a few months later. Deliveries will start in June.

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