Concept i4: Specs and features of BMW’s last debuted EV

BMW introduced the concept version of the electric sedan i4. Concept i4 has a futuristic design and will be on the road in 2021. Here all features and specs about it.

  • 18-03-2020 10:19

In a post on its official Instagram account last week, BMW announced that Concept i4 will be on display at the Geneva Motor Show. However, the show in Switzerland has been canceled because of corona virus outbreak. BMW announced the sedan concept with a press release.

Specs and features of BMW Concept i4

The Concept i4 features BMW's current fifth-generation eDrive powertrain. The vehicle has an electric motor of 390kW, about 530 horsepower.

Completes 0-100 kilometers acceleration in about four seconds and can go up to 200 kilometers/hour. According to BMW, the 80kWh battery in Concept i4 provides a driving range of 600 kilometers.

Inside of car, the curved display screen in Concept i4 will find its place in i4 as well. BMW says the screen can be used in three different modes called Core, Sport and Efficient, each of these modes will change the look and feel of the digital interface.

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