Fast and Electrical: Volkswagen I.D. R vs McLaren 720s

Volkswagen continues to draw attention with the electric race car that it announced recently. Volkswagen electric racing car I.D. R competed with the McLaren 720s to show off.

  • 12-03-2020 12:55

Volkswagen's first electric car, I.D. R is a member of the R series that the company has developed specifically for motorsport. Last year, I.D R managed to break the electric car record with an average of 205.3 kilometers per hour. The car had shown its performance by breaking a record on most tracks in 2018 as well.

Volkswagen I.D. R vs McLaren 720s

And the result of the race was surprising. Volkswagen's electrically powered racing car took over McLaren's favorite racing car.

Volkswagen is expected to gain more success with this car. Because it gets stronger every year. We are very likely to see the vehicle in races around the world in the coming days.

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