How CarKey iPhone feature working?

Apple worked with BMW for the CarKey feature that turned iPhones and Apple Watches into a car key.

  • 24-03-2020 11:09

The CarKey feature, which was discovered in the developer version of the iOS 13.4 update, showed itself this time in iOS 14 codes. 9to5Mac revealed that Apple is working with BMW for the CarKey feature. BMW will be the first automaker to support CarKey.

BMW was previously the first manufacturer to support CarPlay, a multimedia platform developed by Apple for cars. With the CarKey feature, it will be possible to unlock and close the cars and start the engine with iPhone and Apple Watch devices.

How is CarKey work?

The CarKey feature will work through the wallet application. It will give the opportunity to use iPhone and Apple Watch as car keys in vehicles with NFC support.

According to the information in the CarKey API; To use this feature, it is necessary to install the car manufacturer's application first. Then you place the iPhone in the car's NFC reader and open the wallet app. Verify CarKey activation by entering the code provided by the vehicle manufacturer. Afterwards, it is possible to optionally assign Apple Watch as a digital key from the wallet application.

If fast mode is activated from the wallet application, Face ID authentication is not required. It is also possible to share CarKey authorization through the wallet application. If you authorized, other users can also have a say in vehicle management.

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