Hyundai announces world's first airbag for sunroof

Hyundai announces the world's first airbag developed for cars with sunroof. This airbag system only works when the vehicle rolls over and covers the entire roof in 0.08 seconds.

  • 26-03-2020 14:59

Hyundai has gained significant respect, especially with the technologies it has developed over the past few years. The Korean automaker has now announced a new technology that will deeply affect the auto industry. With this technology, they goal is increase driver and passenger safety.

According to the announce made by Hyundai, the company has developed the first airbag in the world that can work on openable roof. This system contains 24 different patented technologies and is activated only  the vehicle rolls over. Then, within 0.08 seconds, it completely covers the glass roof of the vehicle, preventing people inside the vehicle from jumping out of this glass or being damaged in any way.

Hyundai has been working on airbags since 2002. The company managed to produce airbags for sunroofs in 2017. Now, they have come up with a more advanced airbag system for openable ceilings. The system will be accessible globally in all markets.

The system, which has successfully completed the tests it entered during the development process, has been introduced to all drivers in a technical seminars organized recently by the US National Road Traffic Safety Administration.

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