'Back to the Future' classic car will be redesign and produce

DeLorean DMC-12, the time-traveling car of the Back to the Future movie series, is preparing to come to the present day.

  • 12-03-2020 12:21

In the Back to the Future series, the legendary car DeLorean DMC-12 is getting ready to return. Automaker DeLorean announced that it plans to redesign the legendary vehicle.

The vehicle was originally planned to be reproduced last year with its original design, but due to some problems, the project was shelved.

New DeLorean DMC-12

Now, DeLorean's President James Espey has announced that he is working on a new version of the DMC-12 to keep up with the modern age. The design of the nostalgic car will be updated with modern lines that look like the original. In addition to original parts, new parts will be used in its production.

Besides all these, updates will be made in the performance of the new DeLorean. It is reported that the new design will have 350 horsepower. The legendary car used in the movie series had only 130 horsepower.



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