Secret consept cars of Bugatti

Bugatti is a car brand known for its speed records and luxury cars. Models such as Chiron and Veyron are everyone's favorite, but the brand has also never appeared models. 

  • 17-03-2020 09:19

The French supercar brand Bugatti has a worldwide reputation. After joining the German automaker in 1998, Bugatti produced many high-performance production models.  But the brand has also never appeared models. So lately Top Gear,  took a look at Bugatti's never-before-seen car models.

Secret Consept Cars of Bugatti

Bugatti Atlantic

At the top of the list Bugatti Atlantic is firt model.  It is described as a modern touch to the 1936 model Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic. The car, which looks quite stylish, was never revealed after Volkswagen's agenda because of Dieselgate scandal.

Bugatti Veyron Barchetta

Veyron Barchetta, which could be among the open top supercars like Ferrari Monza and McLaren Elva, would be a car with four turbocharged W16 engines. But it wasn't produced because it was not practical enough to be produced for Volkswagen.

Bugatti Rembrandt

Lastly,the 2015 Bugatti Rembrandt, which draws attention with its large front engine, is on the list. Under the hood of the concept car is the Bugatti Chiron's four turbocharged W16 engine. Rembrandt takes its name from the younger brother of Ettore Bugatti, the founder of the brand. 

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