Tesla Autopilot automatically stopped at red light for the first time

Tesla Autopilot has received a new update. For the first time, the Autopilot system of Tesla Model 3 stopped on its own in red light. Here are video of these moments…

  • 27-03-2020 13:05

Tesla is preparing to make an update that will allow the autopilot system to stop automatically at the traffic lights of the vehicle. Because a driving video has appeared that shows that Tesla Autopilot is stoping at the red light.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in the past statements that the autopilot will have full automatic driving capacity in the future. At the same time, Musk said that every Tesla driver with a "Full Self-Driving" system, can travel with a completely autonomous control mode.

Tesla's update in December, the autopilot system was not working at traffic lights. In a new video, we can see that the new software update has started to test. In the video, it seems that Model 3 detects red light and stops it on its own. There are also some special updates to the traffic lights on the driving screen.

Tesla will present the new feature to all Tesla car owners who have the Full Self-Driving package. The  $ 7,000 full autonomous driving package recognizes traffic lights and stop signs. It provides autonomous driving in the city.


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