Tesla Model S vs A Horse: Most interesting drag race ever

588 horsepower Tesla Model S, raced with a 1 horsepower horse. Yes, a real horse. Here the video of this interesting race.

  • 31-03-2020 14:06

Car models makes drag races very often to prove which is the best. The Tesla Model S wins almost all drag racing that it enters. This time, Tesla Model S participate to race with a horse. 

Although the race of the 588 horsepower model with a horse sounded unfair but this raced happened in horse racing field with horse racing rules. So, Tesla Model S was actually the disadvantaged one. 

Watch Tesla Model S vs A Horse

The race was happened in the form of round trip. When the race started, Tesla Model S made a quick start. However, even though the horse was a bit behind initially, it later closed the gap. Of course, it is not easy for Tesla to turn at that speed. The horse maked its turn easily, then  won the race with his full speed.

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