Why Audi suspends e-Tron production?

Audi temporarily suspends electric e-tron production. Although the company does not explain why, but according some sources there are difficulties in battery supply.

  • 12-03-2020 11:28

Audi had to stop the production of the electric e-Tron model for several days at the Brussels factory in Belgium.  According to Bloomberg, the production of the model has been stopped since February 20. An Audi spokesperson, who spoke to reporters on the subject, confirmed that there was a problem with production, but did not say why.

What is the real reason of suspense?

According to experts, the problem is the lack of lithium-ion batteries from the LG Chem plant in Poland. For this reason, e-tron production was temporarily suspended. But German journalists say that Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar also work with the same supplier, but they do not experience similar problems.

Same problem for every electric vehicle manufacturers

After electric vehicles became more and more widespread, car manufacturers started to face the problem of battery frequently. 

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