You can't use this features on a secondhand Tesla car!

Drivers who buy second-hand Tesla models cannot take advantage of some features.

  • 25-03-2020 15:10

One of the most important features of Tesla models is that the vehicle has remote updates. So while your car is waiting in the garage, it can be updated with surprise innovations the next day. But apparently the opposite of these updates can also be done.

According to the comments of many Tesla owners, some features are lost from the vehicles purchased as second hand. According to Jalopnik's report in February, a user named Alec announced that some features were lost from the 2017 Tesla Model S.

Alec, who has Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self Driving Capability options in the vehicle he bought, said that these features were purchased by the original owner of the vehicle for $ 8000. But Tesla software noticed the owner change and removed these features from the vehicle's system.

Reaching the Tesla service, Alec encountered the following feedback:

"Tesla discovered that some users had Autopilot versions even though they did not pay. Therefore, the software in your vehicle detected this situation. Since your vehicle is in the category mentioned above, it has been deleted from the system model. There is no Full Self Driving option in your purchase history. You can communicate if you want these options."

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